Hans Bjørn Bakketeig, Optometrist, Norway

"Visual care services in Moldova – one of Europe’s poorest countries"

I am an optometrist, and for about 30 years I have been working in low vision services. I have been involved in different humanitarian projects, and from 2001 Moldova has been the main project.  I have been fully engaged in the project since 2013 for the organization “Help Moldova”. The main focus has been to give the visual impaired in Moldova the possibility to fully take part in school, make an education, have a job and take part in social life. Together with Norwegian and Moldovan government we make an infrastructure for the services and to make it sustainable. We are also running a Low vision Centre in Chisinau, Moldova. In 2017 we open a new education for optometry at the medical university in Moldova.

I was elected as the «Optometrist of the world» in 2012, and this year I am honored by the Norwegian King, «Ridder av 1. klasse», for my work in Moldova.