The poster area is situated at the Mesanin, by exhibition hall Sal D. The posters should be mounted on Wednesday 22 August and dismounted on Saturday 25 August. Poster boards are numbered. Please see attached list for your poster number. The numbers on the poster boards correspond with the numbers presented on the list. The material can be attached to the poster panel with pins supplied by the organizers.

The poster presentation periods will be Thursday and Friday 10.00-10.30 and 15.00-15.30. The presenters should be by their poster during both these periods on the day of presentation. Please see attached list for your day of presentation.

Poster size: Maximum width 95 cm and maximum height 135 cm, portrait orientation. An optimal layout of your poster will attract attention of other congress delegates. Text should be easy to read at a distance of 1 meter.

The congress will be held in English. All posters should therefore be prepared in English.

Please include your and/or the corresponding author’s email address. This will prove especially useful if another delegate wishes to contact you about your work. Having copies of your material for onsite distribution is also a good means of communication.